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Website+Online ordering+POSweb2pos

Now the website accepts orders and processes orders through POS.

web2pos can Raise sales, reduce hands, and provide customer convenience.

Meet web2pos that processes online orders and POS at once

web2pos of 6 benefits

Free website

We produce high quality website for free. Promotional and ordering included

Order and payment processing

Orders and payments are made very easily through the website.

Integration with POS

Sending orders to POS makes things very simple.

Customer convenience

Customers simply place orders anywhere, anytime on the Internet.

One stop service

One-stop automatic processing of promotional website, order, and order processing.

Low fees

Because the fee is low, you can make sales with minimal cost.

Advantages of web2pos

For customer 

  • Customers are satisfied that they can order easily.
  • The owner likes it because the discomfort caused by the call on the phone order is eliminated.
  • The owner is pleased to save on the delivery service fee.
  • It is convenient for customers to place orders in advance outside of business hours.
  • Customers like the order screen because it is very convenient.
  • Customers are delighted to be able to participate in various promotions in the store.


  • Web2pos provides a way to significantly reduce delivery fees.
  • The restaurant is a defense of sales because the existing customer is not lost to the delivery app.
  • Employees are greeted with online orders via POS, welcoming customers without additional personnel.
  • When ordering by phone, you are pleased that the loss of sales opportunity due to the call is reduced.
  • You can receive tips when ordering online, so the satisfaction of the employees is high and you like it very much.
  • Earn sales before/after business hours, break times, and holidays on a pre-order basis.
  • The fee is cheap.

web2pos Operation process

Visit website
Customers visit your website with their smartphone, tablet, or desktop
Menu selection and payment.
Data delivery
Deliver online order information to the store's POS
Printer output
Order slips printed in the hall and each kitchen
Picking up
Take food ordered by customer
Deposit of payment(after deduction of fees)
Invoice is issued for the payment of the following month on the 8th of each month.

Bank Force Introduction

We listen to

our customers.

A. Data ordered online is automatically transferred to the POS via web2pos system.

The store’s POS automatically prints the order slip and bill.

A. It’s time for delivery. However, web2pos is a good alternative if you want to reduce high commissions and reduce workload.

A. Delivery customers were customers who used your restaurant. In other words, it seems that the existing customer was taken out of the delivery company. As a customer who has to pay a high fee.

A. We can’t get everyone back, but there are a variety of ways to bring customers to your website.

Of course, we are also prepared to return customers in a way. Get a consultation now.

A. web2pos provides website and order page for free, and also provides hosting and security service for free. However, only a small fee is charged.

A. If you like an existing website, you don’t have to re-create it. However, since we have to do it with an on-demand website, we will renew it to almost the same level.

A. Of course, the orderer of the homepage remains in the restaurant’s materials. Of course, it remains in POS. Delivery companies do not share with you who the orderer is.

A. For customers using web2pos, web2pos provides you a tool to use the list to promote customers.

Customers' testimornial

Web2pos is easy to order, and we are so happy that it is easy to manage.
Daniel Kim
POS is convenient to use, and mobile is also supported, so it is easy to manage in the store.
William Park
I recommend it.

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